Abiotic/Biotic Factors

Abiotic factor- a physical, or nonliving, factor that shapes an ecosystem.
Biotic factor- biological influence on organisms within an ecosystem.

- The major difference between abiotic and biotic factors is that abiotic is physical and biotic is biological.
- Together, biotic and abiotic facotrs determine the survival and growth of an organism and the productivity of the ecosystem in which the organism lives.

ABIOTIC EXAMPLES- Climate, including;

  • temperature
  • precipitation
  • humidity
- Other examples;
  • wind
  • nutrient availability
  • soil type
  • sunlight
abiotic factor

- Living cast of characters with which an organism might interact, including;

  • birds
  • trees
  • mushrooms
  • bacteria
(or the ecological community)
a frogs ecosystem including biotic and abiotic factors