Climate change

This page is all about.............CLIMATE CHANGE!
More specifically how our climate has changed over the years because of certain factors we humans are accountable for. So we will be exploring how ozone depletion and global warming have changed our climate for better or worse.

First, let's start off with global warming. The picture below is pretty much all you need to know...

external image Global_Warming.jpg

But, I will help y'all out by posting some fast facts:
- Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels; aka coal, natural gas, and oil which produce greenhouse gases.
- Greenhouse gases rise into the atmosphere and trap the sun's energy; aka the greenhouse effect.
- The Greenhouse effect has caused the depletion of the ozone layer because of too much carbon attaching to O3 molecules, which is bad, very bad.
- The United States was responsible for 20 percent of the global warming gases released into the atmosphere in 1997 alone. Congratulations.

- The consequences of our actions include damaging storms, droughts, other related weather phenomena and overall warm temperatures that provide breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes carrying diseases.

How about a video?

This destruction of our planet is by our hands. I'm no Al Gore (nor do I want to be), and I'm not a liberal, but I do believe that what we are doing is wrong. So in order to save this planet, we must first save ourselves by taking that first step.

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