Natural Selection

Charles Darwin was the first to refer survival of the fittest as natural selection. Natural selection is the proccess by which individuals better suited for their environment survive and reproduce most successfully.
*This can be found on page 381 in the Biology Textbook.

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QUESTION: What might of caused the finches to evolve into their own species?

ANSWER: The beak of each species is suited to its preferred food, suggesting that beak shapes evolved by natural selection.

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Dark moths on light colored bark are
easy targets for hungry birds but are
hidden on pollutioned darkened trees.

The light moths had a major advantage before the industrial revolution. Once it occurred the black moth was favored because of the pollutioned darkened trees. Over generations, the environment continued to favor darker moths. However, since the 1950's lichen has grown back, making trees lighter in color. What effect would you expect this to have on the lighter moth?