Factors Affecting Population Changes

Density-Dependent Factors (refer to p.125-127)
Density-dependent limiting factors depend on population size and operate best when the population is large and dense.
These factors include:
  • Competition- when populations become crowded, organisms compete with each other for food, water and other essentials.
  • Predation- regulation of a population takes place with a predator-prey relationship.
  • Parasitism- take nourishment from host, which weakens or kills them.
  • Disease- parasites like tapeworms cause diseases.

external image 00lect21lynxhare.gif
How does the relationship between the lynx and the hare affect the population?

Density-Independent Factors
Density-Independent factors affect all populations in similar ways, no matter what the population size is.
Some examples would be climate changes, like stoms, floods, fires, hurricanes and droughts.

external image wap_051.jpg

This would be an example of a drought.